All orders are placed through the Shared Scientific Facilities iLab system.

               Stanford Users:  Login or register for an iLab account using your valid Stanford credentials (SUNet ID).

               Non-Stanford Users:  Login with approved iLab credentials. Or signup for an iLab account.

               If you need help ordering and have already registered, please visit the help manual.


Ordering Fly Media

              Bottles:  When ordering bottles please specify the quantity in the number of bottles or number of pans. 1pan = 54 bottles

              Vials (Rack):  When ordering vials please specify in number of racks only. No half racks or individual vials will be provided.                  1 rack = 100 vials

              Caps:  Small caps (35x10mm) are ordered as singles, medium (60x15mm) and large caps (100x15mm) are ordered in                              sleeves  of 20. Special orders of apple juice caps can be made upon request


Other Orders

             Orders for cages, embryo collections and adult wild-type flies can be made upon request.

Please feel free to ask about any other special orders that you would like and we will do our best to help you.


Our standard weekly schedule for making fly media is:

Monday – Dextrose bottles

Tuesday – Dextrose vials

Wednesday – Molasses bottles

Thursday – Molasses vials

Friday – Molasses caps (usually made biweekly)


Food is delivered the following day from which it was made.