These polystyrene plastic vials are filled with approx. 10mL of media each and come in trays of 100 which are plugged with either sterile cotton or covered with Glad Press N Seal. Vials can be ordered with either dextrose or molasses media.

These round bottom stock bottles are filled with approx. 55mL. of media and are plugged with a dense weave cellulose acetate plug. Bottles can be ordered with either dextrose or molasses media.

Our caps come in a variety of petri dish sizes from 35x10 (small), 60x15 (medium), 100x15 (large) or 150x15 (extra large).

Special Orders

Embryo Collections
Embryo collections are done on 8x10 1/2 in. styrofoam plates which are covered with a thin layer of molasses and agar. An average overnight lay for one plate can be anywhere from
3-12 grams per plate depending on the harvesting numbers as well as what day the embryos are collected (the later in the week the stronger the number of embryos).

Harvesting Cages
These harvesting cages are used to grow flies in larger quantities than stock bottles allow. Our cages are 5 1/2in tall by 4 1/2in in diameter with a screw-on lid and are filled with approx.170mL. of molasses media. We innoculate our cages with a wild type stock but the cages can be used by labs to grow other strains. Harvesting cages can be made upon request.

Adult Fly Collections
A collection of wild type (canton S) adult flies can be made upon request.

Please feel free to ask about any other special orders that we might be able to do for you and we will do our best to help you.


We have 3 kinds of media that we make on a weekly basis, a dextrose media, molasses media and a molasses cap media.

A dye is added to this media in order to keep track of when the food was made. We alternate between a red dye, green dye and one week using no dye.

Our dextrose media contains the following ingredients:

Dextrose Anhydrous
Yellow Cornmeal
Yeast (deactivated)

Our molasses media contains the following ingredients:

Yellow Cornmeal
Propionic Acid

Cap Media
Our cap media is a mixture of agar and molasses which is poured into Petri dishes. Apple juice can be used in place of molasses if desired.

Dextrose vs. Molasses
Dextrose works best for keeping healthy stocks and doesn’t need to be turned as often as molasses food. Molasses works best for single crosses (pair matings) and weaker stocks.